Lunch and a Lifetime! A Father’s Day Letter

Flashback almost 16 years ago, I sat across the table from you in the dining hall of our Alma-mater—co-workers we were then, stuck with only each other to kill some time.  We talked—about life, our dreams and goals—you told me about your family and your mom, I in turn told you about mine; then we talked some more.  I remember looking at you differently that day; I thought to myself “this is the type of man that’ll come home at night,” nonetheless, it could only remain a thought.  You were taken and I was occupied.  I left you in the recesses of my mind.

Fast forward—two months later, you’re single and free, but I don’t know it yet. I call on you because I’m in a bind.  You oblige, then tell me how your first love has let you go. You’re hurting and for that reason I feel bad, still, I’m happy.  You had told me once that I would’ve been your wife in another lifetime– maybe we’d both been reincarnated somehow.

Not more than a year later, I give birth to your son—he’s everything I could’ve hoped for and a universe more—but how is that surprising when you are too!  Over the next nine years we have four more children—through it all, you’re the anchor that keeps me sane!

Sitting across from you all those years earlier, I could only imagine the kind of father you would be.  My hunch was that you’d be a winner, but, the actuality of that notion— that’s magic I’ve had to live through to fully comprehend.  Just know that I’d choose you a million times again to be the co-creator of all five of the precious lives you helped me to produce, to be the one to catch each of them as they arrived, to argue with over who’s turn it was to change their diapers, to watch as you learned to love them all individually and collectively, and to be the person they see as a true representation of a man.   There is no other person in the world like you.

Happy Father’s Day My love!

6 Replies to “Lunch and a Lifetime! A Father’s Day Letter”

  1. I love the way you tell your story. Beautiful words. Love you guys.


  2. Peewee told me she read this and was crying in the bathroom at work…. keep it up, you’re touching people you don’t even realize just by living your truth and life 😍😍😍😍


  3. Yaaaassss Kish! Des is a real one! ❤️🙌🏾 Love y’all!


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