10 Things you should Know!


So, you’ve come to talk, or more appropriately, read about the Ship I talk.  Well good!  Somebody needs to, and I’m glad it’s you.  As a thank you, and a way for us to feel more like old Shipmates, there’s probably a few things I should tell you………about me of course, so listen up close……

  1.  I love to write– duh!  I guess that would be obvious.  But no, seriously, I could literally…write….all day…..if I didn’t have real life to attend to.  (who invented real life anyway!)
  2. I’m an ambivert, hence the reason why I probably love to write.  Look, I’m social.  I really am, but, I’d just as soon be hunkered down in my bedroom, or snuggled up on my couch than anywhere in the world.  Sue me.
  3. I was a housewife for 16 years.  Okay, I’m still a housewife, but I like to think of myself as things more exotic these days, like Professional Shiptalker extroidainaire. Yes, I think that sounds quite nice.
  4. I’m a creative.   I can sing, dance (knees willing), write, draw a tinch (made up word), party plan,, bake, etc., etc., etc.  Which also means I can be a bit of a scatter-brain and all over the place sometimes.  But, that’s okay.  I’ve had enough good Therapy by now to respectfully own it.  Woosah…..people!  Wooshah.
  5. My husband is my ride or die, my ace, my best friend, my homie, I’m sure you get the picture, but enough about the lovey dove stuff.  Unless you’re getting some (nookie) yourself, I’m sure you really don’t care.
  6. I sometimes contemplate plastic surgery (in places that I shan’t not name), because  I’m vain dammit (is that a crime?).  Therapy has also helped me admit that, and it’s okay.
  7. I birthed five children and I sometimes regret it.  If you don’t understand that, see number six and shut up!
  8. I’m a Capricorn, which means I’m sarcastic.  If I seem like a smart-ass, blame the planetary alignment, not me.
  9. I’m a compulsive, over thinker– I can’t help it.  With that said, if you should happen to meet me and try to hold a conversation, and it appears that I’m ignoring you– I am.  Because I’m already in a conversation, with myself of course, duh!
  10. I’m generally sweet, mostly pleasant, very loving.  Nonetheless, please don’t cross me.  If you do, my Aries moon will show up.  I’ve met her.  She’s nothing like me.




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