Brilliant Home

serving trays

I took a space that I was unable to hang pictures in and used it for a command center/bulletin board.
bulletin board
This command center/bulletin board was make using simple materials (washi tape and cut-outs from an old bag that I loved). It literally cost under $15!



What’s on my dining room table.
glass tables reflect so much light and make the room brighter.

Dining room table ideas– a plant, some books and tray to keep everything contained.



my view
My View when I’m working.  I like to group plants together as much as possible– they seem to grow better when I do.


Do you all wear shoes in the house?  We don’t, unless they’re old shoes that we no longer wear outside– I call them “in the house shoes”, or we wear slippers.  I keep a sock basket right in the living room so socks are always handy.



The Sock Basket is a Tote I purchased at a consignment store for about $15– came in a set of 3 (varying sizes)
Sometimes I go through the basket and pair socks, most times I don’t.  To make sure the basket never gets overloaded, I do sort through often and throw away socks with holes or ones that look too dingy.  I keep a throw on top to keep everything underneath neatly contained.