About Me

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     As a Wife of 16 years and a mother of five, family is not only what drives me, it is the thing that inspires me to do what I am great at;  I help other women and mothers reach their relationship goals in the areas of dating, marriage, family life, and parenting!  

As an Advisor, my knowledge and expertise comes from the plethora of personal experiences I have being a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, and also from the wealth of information I’ve gathered from hundreds of women, spanning from all walks of life, over the past 40 years.  In addition, I draw upon my degree in Combined Social Sciences, my training as a law clerk, and my graduate coursework in counseling to round off my vast knowledge base.

As an author,

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I write about issues that inspire me, things like what makes people fall in and stay in love, how we can have better friendships and communicate more effectively, and of utmost importance, how to grow and raise confident and well adjusted children!

As a Speaker,

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I motivate women to live authentically and to uncover those things inside of them that are a hindrance, or, that need to be cultivated in order to reach their highest potential;  I do this through humor,  honesty, and by sharing my own vulnerability!fullsizeoutput_817f

Other than that,  I love candles, gardens and fresh flowers, snuggling up in the winter, sleeping in on the weekends, the sun on my face in summer, written words on paper, seeing my kids playing, the strength of my husband’s hands, and being surrounded by beautiful things.  



I hope you truly enjoy this space!